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780G/790GX Linux and PowerPlay?

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  • 780G/790GX Linux and PowerPlay?

    Hi... I'm interested in building a low-power server using the 780G or 790GX chip.

    There's a lot of marketing info about the power-saving features of this chip. However, I'm wondering how well they are supported in Linux.

    If the power-saving features are Linux-supported, how are they supported? Open-source driver? Proprietary AMD/ATI driver?

    My experience with using PowerPlay on my laptop with ATI graphics hasn't been too great; it required the use of the proprietary driver. Also, if I remember correctly, interfacing with that driver required X to be running, which doesn't make sense for server whose display will only be using during setup.

    Anyone know the details?


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    Why include a graphics card at all in a setup like that? Get a motherboard without one, and install using a pci one..


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      Originally posted by curaga View Post
      Why include a graphics card at all in a setup like that? Get a motherboard without one, and install using a pci one..
      What other northbridge chipset would you recommend for a modern AMD-based system? E.g., the 790FX comes with the older, not-highly-regarded SB600. If they updated the 790FX to include the SB700 or (even better) SB750, it would be worthwhile.

      All of nvidia's modern chipsets have integrated graphics.


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        Tough call for an Intel user. Wikipedia says AMD is going to update 790FX to SB700/750:
        ...but the final product with SB700 or SB750 southbridge should support up to six SATA ports..
        Edit: Here's one from Asus:
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          Any news about 780G&SB700 powerplay functions... Do they work in linux?


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            I guess no powerplay functions...
            Huh c'mon I can't wait for getting GA-MA78GPM-DS2H. Long week waiting...


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              I'm not sure you need to use powerplay for that board...
              The CPU, I/O and PCI controllers all have power management in the linux kernel.

              The 780G is known for its very low power-consumption, even under load. My guess is get the system, but underclock the GPU from 500hz to, say 300Mhz, since you are not going to use the GPU. You can underclock the GPU from within the BIOS.

              Yes, the 780G uses much less power than the 690G. The 790GX is a high-end version of the 780G, and is not quite worth the price premium, unless you want to use the GPU/Overclocking features.