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  • Suitable Graphics Card

    May I apologise first for re-posting. I had originally placed this in 'General Discussion' but now realise that was wrong. Can an 'Admin' kindly remove that post for me please.

    Hi ,
    With the bewildering range of cards available and the masses of info provided by the Phoronix team I am easily confused (an age thing, 60+) and would appreciate your help.
    I do not do gaming, at all, but am looking for a card which can do the following for Photography/printing:
    High bit rate per channel
    Support for 4k displays
    Open CL support
    Open GL support

    I currently run Debian Jessie but want to change to Stretch for the newer kernel and latest versions of Graphics packages.
    I had tried an AMD FirePro V5900 and wasted many many hours trying to install following all the advice I could find on the Internet and failed. From the info I eventually found, Gnome was not happy with the driver.

    Q. Should I try a more modern FirePro card, or other AMD card, (if so what driver) or go down the NVidia route, again what card and driver?

    Many thanks in advance for any info, suggestions you can give me.


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    I'm new here guys and this thread first caught my attention. I 'm not knowledgeable about Graphic cards but upon reading from a source. I have known that both Nvidia and ATI are the most recent updated when it comes to graphic cards. Nvidia goes for superb optimization over a trial and error method used by application program. It can do much more. ATi's cards look great on paper, but in practice they fall short of their specs. While AMD has more complicated hardware than NVIDIA and it costs a bit higher, according to some web developers.
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