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The NVIDIA/AMD Cards On Linux With The Best Value For 2015 Holiday Shopping

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  • Kano

    I always wonder why you only use the i7-5960x at stock speed - i7-4790k or i7-6700k would be certainly faster at stock speed for single threaded games. If you OC the CPU to 4.4/4.5 GHz it would be fine. If Intel does not send an i7-6700k then you could use the i7-4790k, but I did not see any benchmarks with that the last months. The Turbo speed of the Haswell Refresh is 900 MHz higher compared to the Haswell-E - thats 25% difference! Then you could see more scaling in CPU limited tests - otherwise it is lost time if every card gets the same result.
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  • dungeon
    It is all about CPU cap somewhere... i even laughed now on those multithousands max fps in Xonotic, that happens only with Intel drivers and nVidia drivers

    That high load to the sky spikes never ever happened with any AMD driver either opensource drivers or fglrx... guessing that it has something to do with some CPU cache maybe or some instruction missues or broken for AMD drivers.

    Or maybe if someone can better explain what CPU instruction gets mad there? SSE2 i guess? Read from something tackle sweet G-Spot

    Does someone know maybe if nvidia driver uses intel compiler to make their blob?

    With Unigine Valley is one of the rare cases where the AMD proprietary driver performance can compete with the NVIDIA binary driver.
    Of course, when CPU is not there all is fine
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  • xpander
    what are your metro settings? seems to be not the highest settings, or does the CPU make so much difference.. im getting(metro 2033 redux) ~85 FPS and (metro LL redux) ~105FPSon GTX 970 with AMD [email protected],2ghz, thats with very high settings. the problem is that you need to start up the metro to change your settings. by default i think its on medium settings when you haven't changed anything

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  • The NVIDIA/AMD Cards On Linux With The Best Value For 2015 Holiday Shopping

    Phoronix: The NVIDIA/AMD Cards On Linux With The Best Value For 2015 Holiday Shopping

    If you are wanting to buy an AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphics card this holiday season, here is a fresh round-up of thirteen different graphics cards using the latest AMD/NVIDIA drivers. Beyond just running several Linux OpenGL game tests -- including some Steam tests -- these results also have the performance-per-dollar benchmark results computed too for finding the best value for 1080p Linux gaming this season.