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fanless one slot freesync card?

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  • fanless one slot freesync card?

    I'm looking for a video card with:

    At *least* 4K resolution (more if possible, 8K?)

    Fits in 1 slot (tall is ok, long is ok, wider than 1 slot is NOT ok)


    freesync (which unless I missed something, implies AMD & displayport)

    Google is of course just plain broken and insists on showing links to
    cards that are 2 slots wide and have fans. Clicking verbatim doesn't help.

    I only found a few fanless cards on newegg. None do Freesync. One
    nvidia "1.5 slot" (whatever that means) card claims to do "4K", but
    didn't specify which of several flavors of 4K. Of course newegg's
    search engine is wrong a lot, so maybe it missed something?

    I am NOT looking for some obese, power hungry, hot gpu. I have no plans
    to start running weather simulations or design a replacement for the
    Saturn V Rocket, or whatever. Current gpu sits on PCI (not PCIe) bus,
    has no heatsink, and is plenty fast enough. There are smartalec phones
    with 4K displays, so it obviously isn't the 4K framebuffer that needs
    several hundred Watts and multiple fans.

    The freesync thing sounds great for home theater (telecine judder sucks),
    but home theater doesn't need a massive gpu (or *any* gpu, really),
    and some unecessary gpu fan whining away would spoil the experience.

    It seems that AMD releases yet another batch of obese, power hungry,
    hot gpu cards every few days, but where are the svelte, energy efficient