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AMD Mini-ITX Open source card options?

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  • AMD Mini-ITX Open source card options?


    I am after an alternative to the MSI Radeon R7 370 at ?140 which will fit in a space limited mini-itx case. Max length ~6 inches 15 CM.
    (NB Case is Bitfenix Prodigy so cooling is not an issue, but if I want to install lots of HD then I must have a short graphics card)

    Important considerations: open source driver, skylake motherboard, better than Skylake 530 graphics)
    I could wait for Skylake Iris Pro, but I am impatient for my upgrade!

    What are my options?


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    Just looking ta newegg at low profile cards I think the best I found was the R7 250. On the specs tab it says 6.9 inches though so it may be slightly too long. and it's only 1GB GDDR5.

    Here is another R7 250 but it's even longer at 7.5 inches and the heatsink doesn't look on the photo as nice. It does have 2GB but only GDDR3,

    EDIT: I'd guess the first card will probably outperform the second card a bit even though it has less RAM. But then again a lot of games today will fill 1GB pretty easily, so maybe that won't be true in all cases. I'm not sure. It doesn't seem like an ideal situation.
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      There's also a 270X "ITX" from MSI which might still be available (similar to 370 but closer to 370X), and a 285 from Sapphire.


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        I forgot to say that I also want DisplayPort. Sorry!

        I haven't found a retailer or manufacturer who lets you filter products based on the length of the graphics card.