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The Graphics Cards On Open-Source Linux Drivers With The Best Value + Power Efficiency

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    Originally posted by Khudsa View Post
    This article has arrived for me just in time. The last week my radeon 6970 stopped working, with black screen (from boot, I can't see even the bios boot) and loud fans. And now you post this interesting article. The 370 is a very interesting card to replace my defunct one on my old computer, meanwhile I wait to renew it the next year without stopping playing .

    Thanks Michael.
    Maybe the cards BIOS got corrupted. You can always try to reflash it.


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      Originally posted by SBeaver View Post
      The power stuff is not that interesting when you know Maxwell is the best in terms of both price and power. The latest ATI nano is supposed to be efficient too but is in a whole other price range, and draws a lot of power also (225+ watts I think it was)
      The nano looks great. It stays, iirc, really, really close to the 170W mark, but can zoom up to over 400W for brief periods (I believe this is very much in line with both nvidia, and the wider cpu community with the idea of power budget, and allowing turbo for brief periods as long as temp stays low, though with cpus they have far less room for maximum power unless you're looking at some of the server chips like power 8).
      What I'm curious about with the nano is if it will be even more efficient than the fury x when overclocked (the memory may be fixed, but the core can be adjusted, I believe).


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        Originally posted by Kamerat View Post
        Maybe the cards BIOS got corrupted. You can always try to reflash it.
        Thanks for the tip. But, how I can reflash the gpu firmware if I can't see nothing from boot (even the motherboard bios) and the computer hangs? Even to shutdown I have to keep down the power button.


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          Originally posted by Michael View Post

          If you can send me a bash script that automates it all, I can wrap it into a test script.
          Thank you for your generous offer! I will gladly provide a bash script. However some example picture files would need to be included as well. Would that be a problem? Are there any guidelines on the output of said bash script?
          Last but not least, due to baby time I will only be able to provide first test samples well into February 2016.