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The Extreme Cases Where A Sub-$200 NVIDIA GPU Can Beat A $550+ AMD R9 Fury On Linux

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    Grabs more pop-corn, observes massive moldy mountains of pixelated diarrhea.....

    The amount of astroturfing and denial on this site, regards ATI/AMD's failed management towards CPU & GPU products, is utterly & comically epic.

    nVidia spend more on R&D, have more market share & this of course forms something of a virtuous cycle. Period.

    ATI/AMD under invest in R&D & have been sadly tanking for some years now :-(

    One of my favourite pieces of denial or just plain lack of comprehension, comes from "Chrisb," who on post #32 notes "....I'm sure Nvidia are ecstatic at having majority share of a market that is shrinking by 21% to 34% every year." This reasoning is supposed to show nVidia in a negative light. Apparently "Chrisb" does not follow this logic through at all, since ATI/AMD has *far smaller* percentage of the market and corresponding profit. Chris just scored an own-goal. You are going to have to reason better than that to win a debate.

    Chris, did you notice the picture of the King in the article? Go back and read it properly again. I am no nVidia shrill ;-)

    It is all the above extremely poor reasoning, astroturfing hogwash and just plain BS, that ensures I mostly read the articles and avoid the comments. DanL, Kano and a few others have sane points of view they express. Guys keep it up and Michael, keep up the great work on articles.

    AMD/ATI, get your !hit together, invest more in R&D, less in excess fat that does not contribute to product quality. Failure to do so, will result in no ATI/AMD and that would make me a sad Geek and be a bad thing for Geekdom.

    FYI, my system is a AMDFX8350 OC'd to 4600 & 390X from XFR. Not quite an nVidia/Intel setup, eh? ;-)

    GreekGeek :-)


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      Originally posted by dungeon View Post

      Current Catalyst has 'hl2_linux' profile, which beside Half Life 2 also seems to work for TF2 and CS:GO for example boosting a game framerate by 50% and also remove that stutter

      I tested Talos Principle yesterday, it plays better with OSS driver and stutter more with Cat... but once i disable in game mulithreaded rendering and rename game to Borderlands2 to allow in driver threaded render... i can't recognise it anymore it works much better then anything

      Yeah Catalyst can be awfull by default, but there is hidden beauty in it
      That's really interesting; thanks for sharing this, dungeon!
      Also, could You by any chance try this multi-threaded Catalyst trick with PCSX2? Since they are talking about a big speed boost with that, but only on nVidia...

      Here is the relevant quote:

      "As you can see the results are practically epic! The one unfortunate caveat is this: It's currently only that fast on Nvidia graphics cards. This is due to only Nvidia's drivers currently supporting the ?Threaded optimization? settings which needs to be on for this level of performance to be achieved. If AMD/Intel drivers start supporting that then it will work there too."

      I would try it myself, but unfortunately I don't own a recent enough AMD GPU (will buy a Tonga or Antigua soon, though [what's the difference, anyway?])

      Thanks in advance!


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        Originally posted by GreekGeek View Post
        The amount of astroturfing and denial on this site, regards ATI/AMD's failed management towards CPU & GPU products, is utterly & comically epic.
        It's not just here though. They're defending a company whose recent practice has been to lay off engineers while giving their failure CEOs golden parachutes.


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          No idea about PCSX2, for that emulator one need many fast threads just that emulation goes fine at first. If you have that, and at least one free thread for this driver threaded optimization to work, then i guess it should work.


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            Originally posted by Espionage724 View Post
            Guess I must not be normal; let me just drop my ethics and get a ton of money so I can become normal

            My 7850 has done well on both Windows and Linux. OpenGL performance could be better if anything, but currently most stuff I've thrown at this card with open-source graphics drivers was fine. I don't play anything really significant though (most graphically intense game I've played maybe was Xonotic; most mainstream native being Dota 2, and most mainstream through Wine being Guild Wars 2).

            As far as I'm concerned though, AMD still has the edge in open-source graphics driver support (and ethics I guess, for whatever that's worth). As long as that remains true, AMD will continue to have my business, but it's real disappointing to see the driver situation with some cards/scenarios.
            Same for me. AMD is the best option for FLOSS GPU drivers. I don't switch my GPU every year, so it's more important for me to have it working in 2020 regardless of the changes in the OS, that the closed drivers probably won't follow.

            We (the community) are so close to throwing fglrx out the window, cause the free drivers are getting so good. If anything this is the time to drop nvidia, and their closed stuff.


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              Originally posted by GreekGeek View Post
              Grabs more pop-corn, observes massive moldy mountains of pixelated diarrhea.....
              Grabs pop-corn while AMD is firing people. Probably in your country unemployment isn't a problem...