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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti: Simply The Best For Linux Gamers

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    $650 USD and higher...please give me a


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      The GTX 980ti overclocks beautifully out of the box using cool bits. I got +250Mhz GPU and +1000 memory and very stable. The memory boost had little effect though, as the 384 bit bus + excellent compression + 6GB RAM means that is rarely a bottleneck. So I dialed that back down.

      It's one thing thing to spend $670 on an Fury X and have AMD infuriate and insult you with their lousy support. It's quite another experience to buy a $630 GTX 980Ti and get treated as a first class customer with a fantastically stable and performant GPU and drivers that often surpass the performance on Windows.


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        yes the driver situation under Linux is one more thing that makes me slower switch to steamos/linux on my seperate gaming machine.

        At the Moment I only play leage of legends, where even intel gpu should be enough when I think on this warm summer here in germany I even think of having a second lowend gaming machine for such games that saves energy.

        having seperate gaming pc is sadly nessesary because dualboot sucks and I dont want proprietary rootkits installed on my normal working machine. I have a HD 6950 I think at the moment, bought 2nd hand, I dont really see me update soon, because its fast enough if not nearly to much for the games I play most of the time.

        but the speed under linux with the free driver is bad even with catalyst its pretty bad, so to get rid of windows (I will not install windows 10, pre steamos the gaming perspective was just to bad to deal with it but with steamos its good enough, except leago of legends I will then ditching games that dont run under gnu+linux but because I will most likely have to buy a nvidia card, and dont touch a running system I will stick on this machine to windows for at leeast a year, maybe 2, so even I will land on linux for gaming, it will be late, except something big happens in linux (amd) driver front.
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          I wrote here many times price / performance is a benchmark you must show. As this 2 (for MS WOS) and for that an overall GPU (and CPU) score that can be easily made taking a well known product as it can be a Mac Mini or the Chromebook Pixel, or near future Lenovo P50 and P70 and a ponderate average score.


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            Originally posted by mitcoes View Post
            I wrote here many times price / performance is a benchmark you must show
            Very true. The ignorant love to focus on just price, or just performance. It's the ratio of the two however, that represents a product's value. The savvy consumer shops based on value - not based on price or performance alone.

            A $700 consumer video card could be an overpriced rip-off, or it could be an amazing bargain. You can't tell by looking only at the price.