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AMD Launches 790GX / Radeon HD 3300

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  • AMD Launches 790GX / Radeon HD 3300

    Phoronix: AMD Launches 790GX / Radeon HD 3300

    Back in March we had benchmarked the ATI Radeon HD 3200, which is an integrated graphics processor (IGP) built into AMD's 780G motherboard chipset for use with Phenom processors (but is also backwards compatible with early AMD AM2 CPUs). We were pleased with the performance of the Radeon HD 3200 IGP, but today AMD has introduced the 790GX Chipset with Radeon HD 3300 graphics. The Radeon HD 3300 is a modest improvement over the HD 3200 and it ships with a few new features such as Advanced Clock Calibration...

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    I have had no success getting the RadeonHD 3200 working with Catalyst 8.7 in Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, and Arch Linux (64-bit). It usually crashes X and puts Ubuntu in safe graphics mode, although one time I did get the login screen followed by the "white screen of death".

    I'm never using fglrx again. At least radeonhd driver does mode-setting properly, even if it doesn't have acceleration right now.


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      Nothing beats Intel IGPs on Linux right now. I highly doubt fglrx will ever "get there".


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        The best IGP for Linux is currently the AMD 690G, which is supported (2D+3D) by recent open source radeon/mesa drivers.

        Sadly, the 690G was the last chipset to support two digital displays with DVI+HDMI. The 780G and 790GX have only one digital display controller[1][2] which makes them less interesting for an IGP based workstation.

        Edit: There are 780G Mainboards that support two digital displays (ASRock A780FullDisplayPort and ASUS M3A78-EM). However one of the displays has to use the DisplayPort connector, which is not yet widespread and supported only by the proprietary fglrx driver. And you cannot use the PCIe x16 slot while the DisplayPort is enabled.[3]

        [1] Tom's Hardware, 790GX: Dissected,1988-2.html
        [2] Biostar TA790GX M2+ Manual
        [3] ASUS M3A78-EM Manual
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          I have a 690G board on the shelf right now. MSI put the video connectors on loosely and it needs re-soldered. Also, they used a cheap thermal pad on the north bridge and it was loose. Temps were nearing 100C under heavy load. Maybe I should get off my lazy @ss and fix the board if the radeonhd team doesn't have 2D acceleration and accelerated video playback working on the 780G soon.