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    Originally posted by SystemCrasher View Post
    SuperTuxCart giving just 50% of FPS of Unigine Valley? What the hell?! Also I wonder if CPU matters. I guess powerful video card would work best with high-end CPU.
    I think you have to keep in mind that STK is a game developed by a couple of guys in their spare time while Unigine Valley is a very polished graphics demo, where (probably very) talented and experienced game developers have spent years optimizing and perfecting it. The difference between an optimized implementation with data oriented design and proper grouping when rendering compared to a naive scene graph is easily 3-4 times the FPS.

    See more here: (where at 40 minutes he mentions a game developer that made his game fifty (50!!) times faster using better data structures: more info here:

    Cache (data locality) and pre-fetches is everything today with the amount of cores (both on CPU and GPU) we have. This is something all AAA developers know and are payed to fix (even though time is limited for them as well).
    In the twilight of Moore?s Law, the transitions to multicore processors, GPU computing, and HaaS cloud computing are not separate trends, but aspects of a single trend ? mainstream computers from desktops to ?smartphones? are being permanently transformed into heterogeneous supercomputer clusters. Henceforth, a single compute-intensive application will need to harness different kinds of cores,?


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Well AMD updated the Win 10 driver a little bit, do you think they have time for Linux now
      They do have a time for Linux of course Do you need new release? 15.7 is just less then month old and nothing really new happened on Linux till that time.

      Maybe couple new game profiles you want or something?

      Originally posted by Azpegath View Post
      After reading comments on three or four threads, my eyes are starting to bleed every time I see you spell Michael as "Micheal".
      Ha, ha, Azpageth
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        Originally posted by dungeon View Post
        Rename CS:GO to hl2_linux and beat them again
        I guess it should be just updated in MESA config, no? Someone, file 'em, bug