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Death of a graphics card?

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    Sascha: Interesting cut down of your post The reason I thought it might be the graphics card is because it is graphics corruption. I got the corruption, I hooked up the wife's laptop on VGA, it didn't have corruption, I skipped back to the DVI and got the corruption so I thought I could rule out the monitor. I also checked whether it was just the DVI by using the computer's VGA, but I still got the "incorrect resolution" message and so ruled out just the DVI.

    The monitor was the next thing I was going to check tonight. Luckily we've got another computer in the house, so I'll check that first.

    Xemanth: I had an Aspire laptop, so I'm guessing that isn't entirely relevant. Unless of course you managed to track down the cause to display or graphics card.

    [edit] From the looks of it I'll be shelling out about the same for a new monitor as I would for bottom of the range-ish replacement motherboard/processor/memory if it is the monitor that's going. Typical!
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      Funny that I saw this thread...

      My brother's nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX died today


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        Looks like it is my monitor and not my graphics. Despite working with the laptop while the desktop showed corruption, the alternate monitor isn't showing the same symptoms.

        I made it show the "not optimum resolution" message by restarting the machine, powered the machine down, swapped monitors and everything worked fine. Previously I've needed to wait for 15-30 minutes before it would work again, this took just a few minutes.

        Now I just need to work out what is a decent replacement on my budget and find out whether some of the brands that I knew as main brands in the 90s (like Iiyama) and some of the big names (LG and Phillips) are actually any good.

        Thanks for the suggestions.