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The AMD Radeon R9 Fury Is Currently A Disaster On Linux

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    Originally posted by Passso View Post

    Dungeon will you one day understand that FPS differences above 100 means NOTHING about power.
    Drivers and GLs are optimized for 30 -> 60 fps.

    Please run yourself OpenArena at 640x480 or Doom 1 at 320x240 to benchmark your CPU/GPU and get stupid results.

    Oh, before I forget, I agree with Duby, we don't care about memory bandwidth. If it does not give some performance boost then it is just a marketing number.
    Well, it's not that exactly, it's more that if the bottleneck that we're seeing is not at ram then faster ram doesn't help.


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      Well, look on the bright side, the Fury seems to be quite competitive with the GTX TITAN!


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        clickbait controversial headline, I dont like this method to get traffic.

        its nearly a lie, but true enough to be defendable.

        everybody who reads this article things that with the linux support of the fury especialy is broken so big issues to get stuff working or often slower than the other amd cards, everybody who knows the state of the catalyst crap would not think that it would be possible to see much better numbers.

        if you would have at least written like every amd gpus under linux the fury is a desaster, I would be ok with it. so if I would not had time to click through the numbers I would have thought the furf has some big driver bugs and buying a older amd gpu would be better idea.