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  • Overclocked Asus Radeon

    My card is an Amd\Asus HD 7870 with 2 Gb of ddr5, a core of 1010, and a memory clock of 1210. Asus slightly overclocked both the core and the memory by default and I have been using a program called Amd overdrive control to lower it back to Amd reference of 1000 and 1200. I'd like to know if there is anyway to return the card to Amd reference by default such as flashing it's bios by so I don't need to use this program anymore. I can try to give you more detailed information on the card if you need it.
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    Well, it's only 10mhz. I really don't see how that would make much difference.. For what reason do you want to rset the clocks? I just can't see any way that tiny clock difference would matter. If it's unstable it probably doesn't have anything to do with that clock difference...

    Honestly I would just leave it

    EDIT: Why would ASUS even waste time on a meager 10mhz? 1 or 2 extra frames in benchmarks maybe?
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