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Looking for a video card to chagge my MSI HD6870 Hawk

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  • Looking for a video card to chagge my MSI HD6870 Hawk


    My HD6870 Hawk is broken, so I need to buy a new video card.

    I'm looking for a good video card works well with open drivers on linux (I have linux mint).
    These are my old card specifications:

    I'm interested in:
    - low temperature and good performance, but I don't play games, I only watch many movies
    - a cheaper video card then the old one (186$ MSI HD6870 Hawk).
    - I don't know if I will play games in a future so the new card should not be too poor in performance compared to the HD6870.

    Do you have any advice please?

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    The R7 260X is the closest -- fewer shaders but higher clocks, lower power IIRC, and a couple of HW generations newer.

    It has the first generation of UVD designed (or at least tweaked) with open source driver support in mind, which isn't actually a big deal for you because we were eventually able to release UVD support for earlier generations as well, but interesting trivia nontheless.

    You referenced a US MSI site so guessing you're talking USD, 260X seems to be around $120 in US.
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      ok great, thanks for your answer.
      I think it's a very good gpu, I found this review:,3736-8.html
      Concerning the cooler, I have seen that there is a Sapphire, a MSI and a Gigabyte version (don't know if there are others), what do you think it's better in terms of temperature and price?
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