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    Originally posted by LenS View Post
    What about libdvdcss? or doesn't that work with blu-ray?
    Libdvdcss does not work against Blu-ray's much stronger encryption. Like DVDs, all commercial Blu-Ray discs have encryption but homemade ones do not. Blu-ray playback support is supposedly present in Linux as long as you can handle the codecs used on the disc, so you could do a playback of a homemade 1080p Ogg Theora, H.264, MPEG-2, or other codec video on a Blu-ray disk on Linux.

    There are ways to get around Blu-ray DRM but it's illegal in countries that have banned circumventing digital restrictions management even for legal end-user purposes. The DMCA in the U.S. prevents that. You can see 17 USC sections 101, 104, 104A, 108, 112, 114, 117, 512, 701, 1201-1205, 1301-1332, and 28 USC 4001 for details if you are a legally inclined person.


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      I am really sorry I am sending this thread off on some a few tangents.

      Here are the questions again:

      1) Dual monitor with 780g or GF8200

      It has been made apparent that dual monitors will work in an old GeForce 5200 card, and obviously on my extremely loud and inefficient dual 6600GT's, that is not the question. In the article they mentioned this:
      The driver being used for testing and the latest at the time of publishing is the 173.14.05 release.
      So is it just a matter of getting past the mentioned disk controller problem and installing the 173.14.05 driver? And then everything just works? DVI/VGA dual monitors? I understand that it is a driver constraint, and all you have to do is install it, but I am mostly comfortable with Ubuntu, and the newest one is 8.04. How much of a pain in the @$$ is the GF8200 going to be for Ubuntu 8.04? Well, as I just asked that question I thought I would check out ubuntuforums, here's a thread there that seems to explain what to do:
      But after reading this article as well:
      I can see that at this moment it is probably easier to set up dual monitors on the 780g. But that will probably change by the time Ubuntu 8.10 comes out in October. So I may have answered my own question, any comments?

      2) Blu-Ray playback with 780g or GF8200

      Yeah, this one was a bad idea off the top, Blu-Ray playback is obviously going to cause some DRM issues. So theoretically, if there were some uncompressed 1080p H.264 content on the PC running linux, would it be be able to playback uninterrupted on the 780g or the GF8200? It sounds like a 4200+ and a 7200GS "may" be able to:
      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
      That would be very dependent on a few things such as bitrate on the 1080p clip. I can play 1080p clips that do not have high bitrates fine on a system with a 4200+ and 7200GS card. Higher bitrate clips as well if mplayer with the CoreAVC patch used.
      Now, how about a 4850e paired with a GF8200 (or 780g)? It seems like it may just be a matter of getting the software and codecs configured properly.

      I ask these questions because I know I am not the only one wanting to know the answers, and I guess if it gets to that point that I have the cash and I just can't wait anymore I will just have to get the one that seems to work the best from my research and make the best decision I can.

      I jumped the gun way too early when I bought a BE-2350 and the Gigabyte 690g, it just doesn't quite cut it, so this time I am going to ask as many questions as I can before making the purchase.



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        I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 (installed on top of Mythbuntu) on a 4850e and a GF8300 IGP using restricted drivers from Nvidia on a 42" LCD-TV (1920x1080). Hardware HD-decoding is done on GPU with almost no load on CPU, meaning I can watch 1080p media without worry. Perfect for a HTPC setup in the living room (no 3D gaming, HD-media, pictures and HD-video). 2GB of DDR2-800 gives the box plenty of headroom.