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  • ATI R600 Benchmarks

    The following massive 12-page article, including lots of benchmarking of the R600 and GeForce 8800GTX, shows who did his homework better during the last months of the never-ending fight between ATI and nVidia. First of all we need to say that ATI?s R600 is not available to the public market yet (while we do have a certain certification sample), while nVidia?s G80 (better known as GeForce 8800) hit the stores already. This was a smart move from nVidia in the short run because they were able to catch the christmas market; however, in the long run the additional research invested in the R600 might not only catch up to the G80 performance, but take the GPU crown captured by nVidia?s current flagship.
    ... though they are the supposed Windows benchmarks.

    Looks like you'll will have to wait a few more weeks till it's launch
    Michael Larabel