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2D Graphics with both ATI HD2600 and NVIDIA 8600GT

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  • 2D Graphics with both ATI HD2600 and NVIDIA 8600GT

    Hi all, this is my first post on the great Phoronix website.

    I recently switched from a ATI HD2600 to a NVIDIA 8600GT.

    I run into issues with my HD2600: I used the fglrx driver for a while. But I always had some scrapped lines while watching video (XV). I first thought this was a card issue. And next discover the driver doesn't sync the video on Vblank. This is really a stupid miss, cause the scrapped line are really clear on a LCD monitor thought DVI. I can't understand why ATI do some stuffs like this. Even a young demo coder know that changes down out out of the Vblank will destroy the video. I next discover that game programmers (Doom3 for ex) suffer the same lacks ..
    Another issue I have with the ATI binary driver: the screen switch to blank when XV init occurs. So I get a blank screen each time I start mplayer or totem ..

    That's it. I switched to a NVIDIA 8600GT (ASUS) and now really enjoy the driver. Yeah, I can fix the video flicking by setting Vblank sync (on XV and OpenGL).

    Despite the 8600GT run faster than the HD2600 in 3D (I run it at 1680*1050), I clearly find the 2D performances of the 8600GT aren't that great. I looked at some posts and find this can be a mtrr issue cause I have somethin like this:

    reg02: base=0xe0000000 (3584MB), size= 512MB: uncachable, count=1

    After googling, I found the NVIDIA drivers doesn't use MTRR right now so ....

    So my question is why the binary NVIDIA drivers doesn't perform as well as the ATI one on 2D. I think the Opensource one nv perform better.. strange no ? Is there a way to test this ? and perhaps fix it ?