This is probably a stupid question but is a faster/more expensive card an advantage in portrait mode. I am using an old Nvidia riva 2 card which worked fine at 1024x1280 for about 4 years. Since the display died and I am using a new widescreen (Acer 223 with a carboard/tape portrait mount) and it is slow as in windows distort when dragged. This happens with both Nvidia and nv drivers.

It is new machine time and it appears that Nvidia, nv and Intel drivers still do not have acceleration when the image is rotated with Xrandr - so far I have been manually editing the config file.

Should I spend money on a supposedly faster card (I was thinking 8600GT/9600GT) or am I better going for faster processor (Q9300/Phenom 9850 if I go quad) and just go for the cheapest card/VM which gives rotation?