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  • Amd Hd 3850 Agp

    Hi all,

    As you may know there are 2 fresh AGP cards from Sapphire and PowerColor.

    I's very hard to find an official test of these cards even for Windows. The only results I found are from someone who buy one last week [1].

    After looking at the performance improvement on Windows I only want to know if someone has one of these cards on Linux.



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    They released AGP versions of the HD38xx series????
    Darn! If only I'd waited instead of purchasing my HD2600XT AGP ..
    I'd still not have a working Linux driver though


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      I have the 3850 AGP and so far I have not had much luck with it in Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 6, about the only thing that works is the VESA driver and not that well. Hopefully support for this will come soon! If anyone can get it working with something other than VESA, let me know!


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        Is there any Plan from Amd to release Linux driver for this Card?


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          i doubt amd will ever support this.


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            Originally posted by Redeeman View Post
            i doubt amd will ever support this.
            I guess i'm upgrading, It works well on the dark side. besides it's gonna work with the radeonhd driver (no 3d). It will probably also work with ubuntu 8 given time. Mind you that cards such as x1950 did work. in pervious Ubuntus you did have to disable (false) PCI-E detection. The main problem is that these cards (as always are basicly PCI-E cards


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              Has the recent progress with the AMD/ATI driver in any way improved this situation?

              Can you run a 3850 agp, with 3D support under linux at all?



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                As an update to my earlier post there,
                I have now been running my 2600 XT AGP just fine under Linux with 3D support since the release of Catalyst 8-5 (so mid-May) and my discovery of the mem=xxxxMB kernel boot parameter (it runs Doom3, Homeworld, GoogleEarth and other OpenGL stuff).
                Recently I purchased an upgrade to a 3850 AGP.
                It ran just fine for about 5 hours,
                with no changes to the driver whatsoever, all the way until some of it's memory chips got hot enough to expose manufacturing flaws and the card died.
                (It's being repaired / replaced under warranty)
                So I don't see why the 3850 AGP wouldn't be able to run just fine under Linux with the fglrx driver + the 3D support that brings?

                The main trick for me in getting the fglrx driver to work was to tell the kernel to limit physical memory.
                At first I tried with mem=3000MB (my system has 4 GB of RAM) but now setting the boot parameter to mem=4096MB actually works fine too.
                I suppose that the driver, when loading, had a hard time mapping the card's 512MB or the AGP aperture onto physical ram and by setting that parameter, I may not have limited the kernel at all but merely changed the algorithm by which it assigns memory blocks upon boot-time.
                It did the trick and that is the important thing!
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                  usually the option is


                  not MB.


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                    Originally posted by Kano View Post
                    usually the option is


                    not MB.
                    Thanks for the correction.
                    I rechecked my /boot/grub/menu.lst and indeed
                    is what I have inserted there on the
                    kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.etc.etc.etc.