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AMD Catalyst Linux OpenGL Driver Now Faster Than Windows Driver In Some Tests

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    I was curious, so I did some tests on both systems/ both drivers. At least I tried

    Mesa 10.5.0-devel D3D9 D3D11 GL/Windows fglrx
    Heaven 4.0 no tess. (score/fps) 608/24.1 987/39.2
    Heaven 4.0 tess. extreme (score/fps) 831/33.0 707/28.1 683/27.1
    Valley 1.0 (score/fps) 794/19.0 1674/40.0 1754/41.9 1461/34.9 1413/33.8
    TF2 (fps) 61.30 74.22 ???
    My system: i5 750 at 3.6 GHz and HD7950 at 880MHz.
    Ubuntu, kernel: 3.18 for radeonsi, 3.16 for fglrx
    Windows 8.1
    AMD Omega driver on both systems

    A few notes:
    - I'm sorry I didn't bench all possible combinations - but I think the relevant ones.
    - TF2 is totally playable with radeonsi, but it can drop really low on intense fights - like the one in the benchmark. Which doesn't really happen in the D3D9 version. You can download the demo and look for yourself:, folder is ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf
    - TF2 is limited extremely by CPU - therefore it's odd, that the linux version doesn't perform as well as the windows one by quite a margin
    - I wasn't able to lauch steam with fglrx -- I haven't installed this driver for a long time and I probably will not in the future... installing it on a not pristine ubuntu is just one big hassle

    So what's the conclusion: yeah, AMD's GL performance on Windows is basically the same as with fglrx (if it works). But D3D is always faster in GPU bound situations on the few benchmarks I ran.
    fglrx though - it reinforced all my bad feelings about this driver. Tearing in firefox, doesn't work with steam / the installation is utterly broken, vsynch introduces immense lag, etc. Good thing this crap will hopefully be replaced in the future - and now I will purge it from my system, after I had to delete ALL personal settings regarding unity to get it to work. Bye


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      AMD Catalyst Linux OpenGL Driver Now Faster Than Windows Driver In Some Tests

      nowt wrong with my 2900xt
      AMD have now said there is no need to recall any cards and they have it under control


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        Do i guess right that you use KDE with xrender FX enabled? This does not work, i would disable KDE FX or use at least any OpenGL backend. Then steam will run with fglrx again...