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Budget integrated graphics for smooth Linux desktop experience

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  • Budget integrated graphics for smooth Linux desktop experience

    I'd appreciate some linux-specific hardware recommendations.
    The Performance-Per-Watt, Efficiency Of GPUs On Open-Source Drivers

    Hassle-free*, smooth, tear-free desktop experience at 1920x1080 (internet browsing) on a budget.

    *so it doesn't require hours with Arch wiki to really optimize it for use with Linux.

    Linux graphics stack sucks bigtime so I'd use some recommendations on which graphics is the least likely to catch a performance regression in the near future or to get the support (bug fixing) stalled. You know, like the tearing plaguing Intel Sandy Bridge (Gen5) for a year or so. I guess this would be AMD vs Intel consideration.

    Expected performance:
    This is where I'd need help as well. I know for a fact that my old GM45 was perfectly capable of delivering smooth desktop experience at 1680x1050 before the performance regression (see the Background) got introduced. So I guess a contemporary integrated graphics of twice the performance would be enough.

    Regardless of the answer being Intel or AMD could you guys tell me at what product level I should be looking?

    Doesn't matter that much:
    Performance-per-watt. Low average load power consumption would be nice though.

    Some problems:
    When I check e.g. Core i3 specifications on Intel's website it's 'Intel HD graphics' everywhere. But which one? 3000, 4000?

    Gen4 Intel graphics like GM45 (GMA4500MHD) seem to be affected by a serious performance regression introduced ~Q1 2013. I couldn't isolate the culprit (kernel, xorg, the driver...) so I'm selling the bugger (Thinkpad T500).
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