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Are AMD Athlon/Sempron APUs Fast Enough For Steam On Linux?

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    Originally posted by dungeon View Post
    That said one must know also that openarena phoronix benchmark use different kind of config, which is not like that in original game on original settings game fly flies on 1080p with hyperz enabled - bloom is not enabled on original for example, etc... .
    Just checked it, but light flares are also enabled in phoronix openarena benchmark (also not enabled in original) and they are also slowish on mesa (not in fglrx), so just disabling flares an we are +13fps and flares slowing down things in whatever game so that clearly need some optimization in mesa .

    But all those are advanced effects, not to mention some of the glowing effects... or even better volumetric shadows in some games those drops fglrx to 60% fps, but mesa drops nearly 1000% .
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      Taking in account that nowadays i play at 1024x768 or 1280x720 those are quite good results.

      I just for 1st time tried SteamOS an i?m having a problem that you might help me...

      I use a 4G USB Pen connection , in LINUX (any distro inc. Slackware , *ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint ,etc.) only way to use my pen is via sakis3g script and same goes with SteamOS...

      Problem is that to install it in SteamOS i need password(s) for steam (and possibly to desktop) account(s) and i simply don?t know:

      1. Default password for "steam" account of SteamOS ! (i?m not talking about my user account password at Steam of course)

      2. How to change from "steam" to "desktop" account in SteamOS !

      Can you help ?