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Sapphire Radeon R7 260X: A Great Linux Graphics Card

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    Oh, can't edit again? Timed out?
    I was just going to add, if you get the dreaded black screen and no gui/desktop, you can try to edit your xorg.conf file and just change it back to default or get rid of it entirely so you can start over. It creates the file after you try to install the driver so even if something goes wrong, you can get your system to boot up properly and it should use VESA drivers or at worst, radeon.

    Not sure what happens with AMD/Radeon hardware, though. I haven't used a Radeon card in so long but the concept or behavior should be similar to even Nvidia installs.


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      Originally posted by Panix View Post
      It should work in Ubuntu 14.04, too, no? I've had problems with the 'black screen' problem when installing Nvidia drivers, too. Except, that is usually due to using a newer driver than one already in the repo - i.e. a 'more-up-to-date' video driver. Or, alternatively, using a driver that is directly from the Nvidia site - in other words, not pre-packaged by the distro devs. I think that is how you describe it? If not, someone can correct me????

      Anyway, did you post to the Ubuntu forums or go to one of the Ubuntu IRC support channels? Maybe somebody there has had the same issue or has gone through the same install process with Catalyst/fgrlx? I found these urls/links so maybe they might help somewhat???:

      Steps from above link:

      AMD developer support forum sections including Linux topics:

      The askubuntu site is said to be good for support answers or ideas?:
      Since I wrote this post, AMD updated with a new driver that works with AMD Radeon R7 260X.


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        This card works alright on Linux.

        Originally posted by baconite View Post
        Hi, I purchased this card soley based on this review (i needed a card fast). The card works great under Windows, but for any Linux installation, the sound comes out scratchy, low, and echoes.

        Weirdly, I was able to run Unigine Heaven video test perfectly fine for video, but the audio was still the same scratchy sound.

        I've used both the open sourced drivers and ATI's drivers, with same results.

        I really know nothing of Linux and how to troubleshoot.

        I really like Linux Mint, so I stuck with that, but I had to set modeset = 0 when booting off the Live ISO just so I can install the OS.

        I also had to turn off the screen saver, because every time it went to screen saver, it froze the machine. Completely froze it. I could not open a terminal or do any of those keystroke commands when the GUI is frozen. Nor could I telnet into the box when it's frozen (i am able to from another machine when I'm actively logged in)

        Could anybody help?


        First off mint 16 is based on Ubuntu 13.10 which is not supported anymore so it'll be best you update to mint 17 which is based on Ubuntu 14.04 which is an LTS so it'll be supported for 5 years. Once you've got that out of your way you'll need to install the fglrx-updates package. To do that, open a terminal and type:
        sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates
        Make sure you install any system updates first.

        PS: If you can, try using plain Ubuntu. Mint does this weired thing where it doesn't update the kernel package and while that mostly is not a problem it makes asking for help regarding hardware related things difficult since others might not know which exact version of the kernel you have. Also the new Ubuntu has support for this card out of the box. You can even get good performance if you enable radeon.dpm=1 on the kernel command line. Also on another note, If you want to use the open source drivers with this card you will have best luck with fedora 20 with all the latest updates. I can play metro last light on my fedora box with playable frame rates. Not great but it works. CS Source works on maxed out settings at 1080p and gives >30 fps so oss drivers aren't far behind. The only thing you'll need to keep in mind is to turn off anti-aliasing.