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27-Way NVIDIA & AMD Graphics Card Benchmarks On Linux

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    Originally posted by tomtomme View Post
    no - only in a distant future with big AAA titles. I think AMD should also release cheaper 2 GB cards.
    Either way - I just wanted to know on which basis you did the price comparison. So again: are those all 4 GB cards?
    By that time you are probably going to look at replacing your card anyways (and chances are there will be cheaper faster cards by then).


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      Originally posted by Sdar View Post
      Anyway AMD admits that there's a problem and they already said that they're working on it (i think they said this in late 2011 or 2012) in October of this year they said that probably the only GPUs that are going to be fixed are the GCN ones...


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        Originally posted by gutigen View Post

        I need some time to find the post... but i have this one of Blender cycles: <--- In this one they said that cycles (that is not working cause the Oencl bug is going to be fixed probably in GCN cards only)
        there's at least 2 more threads about cycles in devgurus... but they said almost the same thing.

        There's a late 2011 or early 2012 post where the problem appear for first time but i can't find it... there's a lot of posts since that and i can't remember the name of that one.


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          I found this one ->
          Thanks for reporting this. There is a known issue where extremely large kernels will not work on our implementation. This is a design flaw of our intermediate language and will not get fixed anytime soon. I will look into this issue to see if this is the same problem.
          (the problem is not with too "Extremely large" kernels... just large kernels)

          and as you can see works fine with Nvidia and Intel (and AMC CPU) but not with amd Gpu.

          but there's an older post (~2011) that talk about this... but is not easy to find something into so many posts :S
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            Thanks for the benchmarks

            I bought a GTX760 for my new build based mainly on these and the price here in the UK.
            I also bought premium membership to support the great work you're doing up here.
            Keep it up.