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3x HD 5870s price check

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  • 3x HD 5870s price check

    Hi All,

    I've decommissioned a rig and am not quite at what price to sell the following...
    3x Radeon HD 5870s
    • 2 of which linked with EK waterblocks.
    • The have compression and a single 90 degree rotary fitting, terminated with compression fittings
    • both have brand new reference coolers in the original box (never been used)
    • original boxes for the cards (all 3)
    • third 5870 is stock with reference cooler.
    • 2x Powercolor and 1x XFX.

    I would like to sell the whole lot at the same time and was wondering what such a set would cost?
    I understand bitcoin miners love these cards.
    Also the 5870s that have the ek blocks are ready for dropping into a crossfire mobo.

    prices in USD or AUD.

    I did a price check at OCAU but only one person has replied so far saying I should sell with the basis of $75 AUD/card. What do you guys here reckon?
    Link to price check forum at OCAU