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Which drivers work with an onboard ati x1250 in linux?

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  • Which drivers work with an onboard ati x1250 in linux?

    My friend has an onboard ati x1250. I installed ubuntu 7.10 for him yesterday and it went fairly well. It prompted me for the restricted drivers and I let them install and tested some opengl stuff and seemed to work fine.

    However videos are not utilizing xv, which is making movies choppy. I haven't tried the newest version (8.42.3) as I've read comments from other posters that xv doesn't work with the latest either. The ones I installed for him are the current fglrx that are available in ubuntu: 8.37.6. I would go through the effort and try 8.42.3 if xv did work, but afaik, they don't.

    So I'm looking at what other options are available with this particular onboard video.

    It gets confusing with all the ati drivers. I assume that out of the box, ubuntu was using vesa drivers, which I doubt have xv support. But when I investigate a little I see there are other drivers as well. There are the xserver-xorg-video-ati and there are the xserver-xorg-video-avivo and there is also the xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd.

    Do any of these support the ati x1250? I'm not even sure what ati chipset the ati x1250 is based on, according to one site it's based on the Radeon X700 core.

    So I'm really confused as to what other drivers I can try for my friend besides the fglrx ones in order to get xv support. My friend is not a gamer, he won't care if he loses opengl support over xv support. Is there a list somewhere breaking down what chipset/card is supported by what driver?

    Or could video be made to use opengl for playback? I do this with my nvidia card, as the nvidia 6200 doesn't have brightness/contrast settings for xv when compositing is enabled. But again, I read some others have tried using opengl for video playback with their ati's and ended up locking their system.

    Any info anyone can provide would be great.

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    I have a gigabyte 690 board with the 1250 card builtin.

    I have gentoo installed and the 8.42.3 drivers. I am getting 300ish FPS with fglrx_gears and 2K+ with glxgears.
    The following three lines show up in /var/log/Xorg.0.log

    (WW) fglrx(0): Textured Video is currently not supported on IGP hardware.
    (WW) fglrx(0): Video Overlay not supported on AVIVO based graphics cards.
    (II) fglrx(0): Acceleration enabled

    However, I have been able to play videos without any issues. (At least for the couple minute tests that I was using)

    Hope this helps.


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      I have managed to get AIGLX working under Ubuntu following this guide, but not in OpenSuse 10.3.

      As for your videos problem, install SMPlayer and try each of the Video settings to see which works best for you; X11 works for me. However I am unable to watch HD videos because they are too choppy.