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QEMU VFIO Support Is Progressing For VGA Pass-Through

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  • QEMU VFIO Support Is Progressing For VGA Pass-Through

    Phoronix: QEMU VFIO Support Is Progressing For VGA Pass-Through

    Besides virtual GPU drivers like the proprietary components within VMware and VirtualBox virtualization stacks and the under-development Virgil3D for QEMU, another option for those seeking 3D/GPU hardware acceleration support within VM guests is VGA pass-through...

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    Interesting. Last I tried, i could get absolutely no output through my GTX 660. I might want to try it again sometime, but I'm on 3.11 right now, so I'll probably wait some more. Meanwhile Wine is getting better all the time.


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      I have been waiting years for something like this to come about. I really look forward to the future development and seeing where this all goes.


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        I'm discussing issues with VGA passthrough that could possibly be related to improper reset of the GPU here:

        perhaps a hardware approach as discussed in that thread could fix these issues...


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          VGA passthrough also works with the old qemu pci assignment method. I have a gaming VM that uses it, and it works pretty well. You just can't use it as the machine's primary graphics adapter, but that doesn't really matter for Windows 7 and above (at least; it is a problem for XP).

          It unfortunately doesn't do software reset of the card, but you can trigger that by briefly suspending the host, which usually isn't too arduous.


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            As an alternative to suspending the host as suggested by Dolio, try using the 'eject' button in your Windows guest. This worked well for me, and alleviated the terrible performance issues I had when not doing so. Note that this was with Xen rather than KVM.


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              Really hoping to see more pregress in this area. Also hope that more laptops will fully support vt-d.