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Bonaire support with open drivers

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  • Bonaire support with open drivers

    My HD6850 is starting to fail on me. Perfect excuse to buy new stuff. Prices being what they are in Third World Land, I can't really aford much more than a USD$140 card (at current exchange rates and factoring in the usual Third World rip off tax that's like MXN$2,000-2,500). I have been looking at the HD7790s and even spotted an Asus R7 260X in that price range. Aside from the headlines here and what is on the Radeon feature matrix, I don't really know how the support for these cards is with the open drivers. I see the cards have Opengl 2.1 support, and that's good enough for me in that front for now. More concerned about 2D performance and power management, both of which are near excellent on my current HD6850.