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Does The AMD Radeon R9 290X Work On Linux?

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    Originally posted by zanny View Post
    FFS guys don't turn this into a bash Mike thread. If you don't like his site stop reading it. Is it really that hard to read headline -> skip articles you aren't interested in -> move along, and still get someone covering Linux hardware in depth like this?
    Thats it!
    I am a journalist, and know how much better Michaels article COULD be IF he had more money, time, support, whatever.
    BUT with his given resources I could not ask for more. He beats the shit out of gaming-opensource-news in respect to speed and completeness. And it is easy to just pick the scentences containing the real news, and skip all the repetitions, opinions or requests to help him funding the site, if you read them once before. You usually only have to read the headline and the last paragraph as a crude rule of thumb.

    So Michal - good job! Go on boy - you are the top notch of open-source graphics stack news out there, even without actualy having time for many quality articles. If somebody knows about a better site for linux-news, tell us? Maybe Michael could even join forces with such a site (if they like each other ...)?!? I know there are more linux-news/interviews etc. out there, but for cpu/mesa/graphics/gaming/steam/benchmarking THIS is your news site (if you are not a mesa-developer yourself )
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