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NVIDIA Introduces $400 GeForce GTX 770 GPU

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    Originally posted by movieman View Post
    You could run games on our $2,000 cards; it was actually one selling point for those cards over our competitors' $2,000 cards that couldn't. But they weren't designed for that and you'd have been mad to buy them for it.

    By far the biggest difference between Titan and the cheaper Nvidia cards is double-precision floating point performance. That is irrelevant for gaming because no-one in their right mind uses it for games because performance sucks on Nvidia gaming cards. It is only useful for GPU computing.
    The Titan is advertised and promoted primarily for gaming. That you are smart enough to avoid NVidia's marketing says something about you - and nothing about how others use the card or how nvidia is trying to market it.

    Computing is what they sell Tesla cards for.