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NVIDIA Releases $299 Kepler Graphics Card

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  • NVIDIA Releases $299 Kepler Graphics Card

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Releases $299 Kepler Graphics Card

    NVIDIA has announced today the release of their GeForce GTX 660 Ti "Kepler" graphics card, a new competitive NVIDIA GPU for the $299 USD price-point. The Linux binary driver from NVIDIA should be able to handle this new graphics processor while the Kepler support for Nouveau is still being raised...

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    In the coming months the open-source Nouveau driver support will be removed, but it's in a less than ideal state right now.
    Michael, guessing "removed" is a typo ?


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      Michael, guessing "removed" is a typo ?

      Err yeah, thanks, removed/improved.
      Michael Larabel


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        Nice! These will be awesome cards for those who cannot quite afford the $400 beasts.


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          Neato, too bad I went with a GTX 670 already. Couldn't be happier, Diablo 3 in Wine on max settings... YES SIR!

          Valve double time it, I need some demanding native games to throw at my card. Hook Us Up Already!!!!


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            when i built my first computer in 2004, i bought a geforce 6600 gt for 189$.
            i just now bought a 670 for the computer i just built for 400$.
            back when i built my first computer the flagship geforce 6800 ultra was like 350$ or so.

            i think graphics cards are way too overpriced nowadays. they realy should just take a couple generations to not improve performance, but to reduce cost and reduce profile. the mid range cards should not take up 2 expansion slots.

            also back then, that 6600 gt ran awsome in linux with the binary driver and i was able to play doom3/quake4 on almost max settings. it was pretty awsome, too bad it burned itself up.


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              I'm actually purchasing a 670 today. Don't know how long it will take for the 660ti to be released in .AU and I'm impatient.


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                I'll be purchasing something of the likes as well, as AMD has forced my hand, but I'm patient. Perhaps I'll wait for the 700 series.