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Best PCIe Self Powered Card

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  • Best PCIe Self Powered Card

    (I'd asked this in other threads but it's getting lost in the arguments so giving it it's own thread).

    I'm looking for the best "no additional PCIe power adapter required" (aka 75w or less) card right now and as far as I can tell that's the GT640, but the 640 gets killed by the 7750 which is the same price, but then you have the Catalyst driver issues thrown into the mix.

    The card is for a HTPC so video work, some native Linux gaming and also some Wine gaming. I'm currently using a GT430 but it's struggling with a few things at the moment so I'm looking to make as much of a leap as I can without breaking the 75w power barrier (for TDP reasons rather than anything else).

    So, is there anything better than the 640 that doesn't need additional PCIe power connectors? Or is Catalyst actually good enough now not to break with EVERY kernel update and not work with most games/Wine?