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Planning to buy a MSI 8800 GTX will my pc be bottlenecked

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  • Planning to buy a MSI 8800 GTX will my pc be bottlenecked

    I am planning to get an 8800gtx from MSI or a EVGA brand.
    The Card I am planning to get is a MSI GeForce 8800 GTX OC 768 MB
    I have a AMD Athlon X2 4200+ OCed to 2.6 gHz. 2Gb of Dual Channeled Ram (OCZ Platinum PC2-6400 = DDR2 800). MSI K9N Diamond 590 SLI MCP Motherboard. And a Antec Trio 650 watt, 3 12v railing arrangment. Will my system be Bottlenecked with a 8800 Gtx onboard, or not.

  • Throwing Strikes

    I personally think that your CPU maybe a little on the weak side. Thats just me tho.

    This is the system requirements on the side of my Evga 8800gtx box.

    256mb system memory
    450watt power supply with a min of 30 amps on the 12v rail.
    One available 16x PCI Slot
    Vista/2000/XP/MCE 2005

    Of course Microshit and the CD-rom aren't required if you use Linux/BSD/or Solaris which the drivers are available at Nvidia's website. That of course requires a internet connection.

    Sweet card!!! Get it if you have the cash to spare!!!

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