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  • Faster transcoding

    I have a geforce gt240 graphics card, I dont play games so this card does OK for my needs. I do a lot of movie transcoding and find that its slow, I understand that the transcoding can be off loaded onto the video card processor but I am uncertain how this works. Is this a function of the CUDA cores? What should I look for in a graphics card (NVIDIA) to improve transcoding speed?
    Many thanks to all and I hope this is not too much of a newbe question for this forum.

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    I don't know how to use cuda for Linux apps to transcode, but since Kepler there is also NVENC, a hardware h264 encoder. It is faster than Sandy Bridge Quick Sync but slower than Ivy Bridge Quick Sync (from Win benchmarks). Quick Sync could be used (in theory) via vaapi on Linux as well, there is a gsteamer project but no idea how well that works. You might want to try libcuda and a cuda wine dll.