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Warning: Nvidia 8xxx series not ready for Linux

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    Originally posted by rpoffenbarger View Post
    I just had to reply...
    Ive been hesitant to make the switch for windoze to linux for many years now as driver support for hardware is sometimes iffy...thats the price we don't pay...
    Im very new to linux

    Anyway I've about had it with spending my bucks on MS software and not being able to put it on hardware where it belongs, so did this...

    Quad Core Q6600 on an nvidia 680i Motherboard
    2 GB SLI ready OCZ 800 MHZ RAM
    2 Geforce 8600 GT 512 DDR3 cards in SLI mode.
    The point is not to brad about the spec, but to illustrate that is bleeding edge...

    installed opensuse 10.3...(smooth distro) to find upon reboot complete blackness...

    Was I doomed to windows ? (I had indeed set up triple booting OS's {xp,vista,and linux} since I do support...and windows will always need support). Instead utilized some patience, and did some reading...

    set up the repository to the nvidia driver, throttled down to runlevel three, installed the driver, and voila...still blackness...more ...poop too.

    Anyway reading the logs...its seems that SaX, assigns the device in xorg.conf to the secondary card and not the primary one...a simple change from 3:0:0 to 1:0:0 has the whole thing humming smoothly along...Compiz-fusion is the hottest bleeding edge graphics engine Ive used, and this OS is as stable as any Ive ever used...

    Try booting Suse with only one GPU in your computer and install the Nvidia drivers. Next reinstall your second GPU and boot up your computer. Should work, at lease it did for me.

    Next to enable SLI you need to log in as root and insert-

    nvidia-xconfig --sli=on

    and then restart X. You can read more about SLI in the Nvidia README


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      n.b. there was just an article Friday (see timestamp) about new Linux (proprietary) drivers being released. Twitchy, no shine to 'em, but they run.

      What compelled nVidia's mathematicians and designers to develop an abusive relationship with particular developers? Did I not send liquor?


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        I think it is time now for a comparison of the latest adds to the nvidia/fglrx drivers like NV 8800 GT and ATI HD 3800 series...


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          Originally posted by Kano View Post
          I think it is time now for a comparison of the latest adds to the nvidia/fglrx drivers like NV 8800 GT and ATI HD 3800 series...
          As soon as both cards are in, I'll do one.
          Michael Larabel


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            This post had all the info i needed good post