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XGI Volari XG40 Linux Status Update

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  • XGI Volari XG40 Linux Status Update

    Phoronix News: XGI Volari XG40 Linux Status Update

    It's been all quiet on the XGI front for quite a while with most of their talent having been acquired by ATI last year, but Ian Romanick has announced today on his new blog that XG40 DRM support has been added to the mainline tree. Graphics cards that use the XGI XG40 GPU include the Volari V3EX, V3XT, V5, and V8. Now you can use the open-source DRM and DDX from the git and with the closed-source DRI can now have acceleration with the different XG40 graphics cards...

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    open source dri driver

    Looks like they are at least planning to work on an open source dri driver for the XGI Volari 8300 XP10 PCI-E X1.

    This card might not be a speed demon, but at least XGI released register level docs for the card, so maybe we might end up with a decent open source DRI driver for it.