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GTX 570 vs HD 6950 (2Gb version)

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  • GTX 570 vs HD 6950 (2Gb version)

    So my choice has come to these two.

    Even though 6950 is a card from different category, still it outperforms gtx 570 in some games on windows Furthermore 6950's bios can be reflashed to the one of 6970 unlocking additional shaders and setting clocks higher so it will perform exactly the same as 6970 which is in the same price range as gtx 570 and considered as its closest amd alternative. That would allow me to save plenty of money.

    Unfortunately i didn't find linux benchmark for gtx 570, so I can't really compare linux performance.

    Also i never ever owned an amd/ati card in the past. But heard some horror stories from people with top ati cards having fps problems in old opengl games on linux and windows before O.o

    I wonder if 6950(6970) performs as well compared to gtx 570 in opengl games on linux as it performs in directx games on windows. Also if i can get custom resolutions/refresh modes that are not officially supported by monitor to work with amd card and if there's any alternative to nvidia's vdpau. Using open source drivers is not high on my priority list.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Forget using custom modelines with fglrx. It does not work since years, so best get rid of old crts when you intend to use fglrx.


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      Well, i'm actually using modern 120hz lcd, but unfortunately all officially supported resolutions apart from native are different aspect ratio than the screen and support only lower refresh rates.
      So e.g. if i would run Quake Live at 1024x576 instead of 1920x1080 black border that takes 1/3 of the screen appears at the top and refresh rate reduces to 60hz. However after altering xorg.conf i can get this custom resolution to work properly and enforce 120hz at any resolution. That's with proprietary nvidia driver.

      Looks like amd is not an option for me then.
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        Quake Live uses a 10y+ old engine, why can't you run it fullscreen??? I would NEVER use a different res on a tft than native.


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          Even my old gfx card can handle it just fine, but i'm used to low res and it feels easier on eyes, furthermore my mouse got only 400dpi and that's not enough for high screen resolution.

 (at the bottom of the page).


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            Basically you can change the mouse speed or get a faster mouse, thats only a few bucks. You want to buy a very expensive gfx card but you can not afford a new mouse? Very strange - also you always get interpolation with a lower than native res, thats the 2nd thing thats stupid. Maybe better buy a console


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              It's not a question of price, it's a matter of preference. If you find a gaming mouse that suits you best then you are not looking to buy another and start to get used to different shape and sensor that you don't like.
              I got Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0. What are the closest alternatives, shape-wise? Razer Deathadder Black Edition and Zowie EC1/EC2. Shape of the first one is slightly different and some people who owned DA after IME3.0 complained about it.
              Zowie got slippery sides and sensor with prediction(correction). So there's really no alternative for me.

              And gaming-wise, cheap mouse that suits you is more important than expensive graphics card as long as you can get stable 125 fps in Quake Live. And I can get that even with my old gfx card, but obviously i need new gfx for other things.

              Did you check the link i gave. You'd need to lower your mouse sensitivity to get low dpi mouse suitable for high resolution. It's not about mouse speed but about not skipping pixels. And obviously getting used to uber low sens after mid sens is no pleasure.

              Also, if you really want to look at the prices, HD 6950 would cost almost as much as GTX 570 if you add cost of Razer DA or Zowie EC1/EC2. Or at least difference in price wouldn't be something to worry about, as long as GTX 570 is better in most cases and not tied with risk.


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                Originally posted by arsah
                Anymore suggestions please...............
                i vote for a HD7970 or a lowend version of this next gen gpu hd7770 for example.

                for a nativ kernel openCL support!
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