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AMD A8-3850 With Radeon HD 6550D

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    Gotta make a correction: I haven't removed the edgers stuff (seems that was another test installation), so I have the git stuff installed. What I tested were edgers/natty packages, I updated them to edgers/oneiric an hour ago, still everything's ok. I disabled edgers now, so I'll hopefully pull stable packages before release. Or maybe I'll re-enable xorg-edgers? Dunno, tough decisions to make all day

    But I did a test with Ubuntu Oneiric standard packages some days ago with my old TFT (1280x1024) with similar results.

    chithanh: Filing a bug is what I was thinking about as well. I already did some searches, but didn't seem to find something related to Llano and the radeon driver. D'oh!


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      So I did a downgrade to oneiric's current xorg-packages: they work, I don't recognize a difference in quality. But they are slower; benchmark results for warsow, 1920x1280 are:

      xorg oneiric: 18 fps
      xorg edgers: 23 fps

      Most worrysome to me currently is that googleearth ( and 5.1.3533) is too slow to work with. Version 6 offers to switch to DirectX mode (guess it's a winelib application) which results in a crash. The OpenGL mode is very slow, way below 10 fps for both versions of GE. I do remember that 5.1 worked with my old installation, Kubuntu 10.04 stock with radeon driver, Phenom 4x2GHz, Radeon HD 3300 IGP. It also was too slow (I think it was even a little faster than my current setup), but that was a 40 SP IGP vs the 400 SP one offered by Llano, plus doubled ram bandwidth.