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Help this university lecturer find a good Linux graphic card...

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  • Help this university lecturer find a good Linux graphic card...

    Hello all,

    I've been lurking a long time, now I've registered. I teach economics at a university and I really love Linux. I've had my share of bad or non-working graphics.....think GMA500..... Despite all the reading & lurking I can't decide what I need so please advice me, you experts!

    What graphic card / cpu combo do I need in a laptop that:

    - I can use two screens with (the laptop screen plus an external screen)
    - edit: added I would love to be able to work with a large screen as well (24" and up)

    - plays videos (html5, flash, etc.) smoothly
    - can use some effects, such as Compiz..
    - uses open source graphics drivers preferably
    - preferably not too power hungry / noisy
    - I am not a gamer!

    Please tell me what you think are is the best cards and cpu for my use...

    - some Intel / AMD combination?
    - or onboard Intel graphics (i hated that gma500...)
    - or onboard AMD graphics? The Llano?

    Please educate me!

    Thanks a lot! Gerry
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    Since I'm not getting responses ..... I suppose the question is either dumb or hard

    Guess I'll go for Intel / Nvidia


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      Basically it should be possible to get gma 500 running. I would really like to test that on my own, but i do not like to spend a cent to buy it. If somebody does not need it anymore feel free to contact me. Otherwise maybe just try:

      I see no reason to buy new hardware in your case. The only thing that might be worth adding is that the twinview options of nvidia-settings with the linux drivers are not that optimal compared to xrandr with oss drivers. But usually you have got a system with nv card to try it or not?


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        Hi Kano,

        Thank you for the response. To be clear: the gma 500 IS running, but it is slow and a 2nd screen is in low resolution.....

        I want to buy a faster laptop with a bigger screen anyway, and am looking for my best options, cpu/gpu-wise... Thanks again!


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          The integrated graphics from the current Intel and AMD CPUs should be sufficient for your purposes. Dual screens are supported by chipsets from all manufacturers. Compiz and simple 3D applications work well. Intel graphics are good enough if you exclude Atom.

          On AMD side, the A4/A6 (Llano) based devices get good reviews, but the open source drivers are still being improved. So get one only if you are not afraid of running latest code from git.

          Flash has its problems with dual-screen setups, but that is nothing the graphics driver can help.


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            I dont think you configured it correctly. Maybe try it with windows and see how slow it is there


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              thanks all. and yes, under windows7 it is even slower