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Looking for 2d card recommendation

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  • Looking for 2d card recommendation

    My ATI X1650 Pro died last night and I'm looking for a PCI-e card in the sub $100 or so range that has excellent 2d performance under Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS.

    Really, just a chipset recommendation would do, like "Go with the ATI 56xx cards" or "I recommend GFroce GT 240".

    I've looked around the 'net but can't find any good, recent 2d Linux reviews that compare more than a couple of cards. And most are 3d focused (of course).

    I realize that which driver (binary versus opensource) one uses can make a huge difference. I prefer open, but am flexible.

    I'm assuming that any modern card had all of the 3d that I need. I do run dual-head, if that matters.