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What Happened To XGI Graphics?

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    Originally posted by lenrek View Post
    The article is about newer XGI card, namely 8xxx series. If you read the announcement from Thomas Winischhofer:

    So, he is not the key developer, and I doubt he involve in this driver development.

    Thomas will always be the hero for all the support of SiS cards. Without him, there will be a lot of useless SiS cards and many of my old laptop won't work (to my expectation). Back in the days where SiS was frequently used in low cost laptops, his contribution would earn him the right to be nominated for godhood (if such nomination exist).
    What u say is so true about Thomas & SiS..(Well for kernal users not Win)
    I would like to try a diffrent OS with my XGI cards.
    Maybe even release a KillBill Xtreme driver lol.