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ATI Radeon HD 5450 On Linux

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    This is certainly the better choice. If you can not get a gt220 without fan go for a 210 fanless. The video engine is the same. Nothing is more annoying than active cooling on a gfx card used for a htpc.


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      Thank you very much.
      I got a discount for the Nvidia GT430 (Just a little more expensive than GT220), I'll go for it.
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        Originally posted by leif81 View Post
        This seems to be aimed at the HTPC market. Would be nice to see some video playback numbers.
        came here to say this.

        Originally posted by Kano View Post
        As you can only "use" vaapi via vlc expect the mplayer numbers pointless as they do not show a correct picture. vlc needs much higher cpu especially when you switch from xv to opengl (together with amdcccle set to quality), the cpu usage is very high then [...]
        can you please point me to places where i can learn more about this? trying to decide if i use vlc or xbmc-core

        Originally posted by Kano View Post
        It does not work with 12-3, it works with 8.96 beta, but not vdpau - it is called xvba and works best with the FernetMenta branch of xbmc (the xvba branch is outdated now). it does not support h264 l5.1, i would definitely NOT buy the card if you want it for video accelleration. if somebody has got ati cards already this branch is the best to use for video acc but even intel oss has got better vaapi support (for standard xbmc or vlc).
        Does this mean i would have decent video acc with nvidia OSS? i don't care much about power consumption and price, but i'd love to be able to use the OSS drivers alone on my htpc.
        or is this just to point out that ati would be even worse then the already bad nvidia oss?