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Radeon HD 6000 Detailed Specs

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    Originally posted by FunkyRider View Post
    Enhanced Tessellation unit (x2?), 4D VLIW core, 2 x 6-PIN PCI-E Power, Dual Slot form factor
    Nice seems you might be right about the 4 units, previously it was rumored to be just a change of the stuff surrounding the simds, so I thought you just made it all up;p


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      Somewhere in the last decade the average users's view of the FOSS ideal has gone from "we can do it" to "why isn't someone else doing it ?". Initial indications suggest that the new model doesn't work so well.
      Yeah unfortunately it kinda is like that, but there's another side to FOSS. Thanks to gnu/linux, xorg, directfb, when I was writing a lame hobby-os, I could write the drivers for radeons r2 to r4, and intels g965, all with acceleration which was extremely fun (I was always fascinated how it all works) and really educational. When I heard about your efforts to release the documentation etc and the 4850 came out I immediately bought it Unfortunately I didn't get to play with it since I started a different project before it all came out but if it weren't for that I'd probably be trying to help with the r6/7 drivers right now. Either way what I wanted to say is that even if the open drivers suck, they are an opportunity for people to learn which is in my view way more important, and for your efforts you have my gratitude, as learning how a kernel and drivers work without the graphics part would be much less interesting and harder for me. Btw I am using kms for my r430 and r770 and it works well enough, I wonder what this years results will be of the survey in terms of open vs closed for radeons, it will probably more closed because of r8

      Oops forgot the link in previous post... lame...


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        Well, looks like Cayman is 256-bit after all.

        A lil' bit disappointed but still, this looks like a monster.

        The core spec is still correct: 1920 SP, 4D VLIW.


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          Front of the card if you guys still haven't seen it yet:

          We have reliable sources of information, some (little bit) might be off, like the rumored 384-bit MC, but most of them are correct.


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            Originally posted by numasan View Post
            How on earth should I who barely knows Python contribute to reach the full potential of modern GPUs?
            The same way everyone else did. Start by downloading the source code and building drivers from source. Read the source code, ask questions, try changing things, see what happens, repeat. One programming language is pretty much like another when you are writing low level driver code, just use the same structure as the existing code.

            If you are not familiar with OpenGL, picking up a book or finding an online guide then writing some OpenGL programs would be a really good start.


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              Barts XT card photo

              Barts XT card leaked!

              256-bit layout, dual 6 Pin, dual slot

              Product name: Radeon 6770?

              BTW, Cooler is a decoy, real one should follow the white outline drawn on the PCB forming a dual slot external exhaust style


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                The 68xx series will be a great replacement for the 58xx series.

                And then AMD pulls out the big gun.


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                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  amd makes clear with the 6870 thats nvidia won in the past i tell you why:
                  You forgot:
                  - HDMI 1.4 in next HD 6000 series, currently available elsewhere
                  - Probably more codecs supported in UVD3: symbols in the library mention MPEG-2 VLD and MPEG-4 ASP (DivX) at VLD level too. That's already available on NVIDIA chips

                  Anyway, everybody was reporting that HD 6000 series was just a slight upgrade to HD 5000 series. The only thing interesting coming next from AMD is Ontario & Bulldozer processors. Just hope this comes in time with correct support on Linux.


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                    Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    amd makes clear with the 6870 thats nvidia won in the past i tell you why:

                    should i be happy about a 100% nvidia design 6870 card ?
                    There's nothing wrong in adapting one's product to suit the market, if you can't change the market or if there is a better alternative. Persisting on doing things that don't gather much interest would be much worse. Like if AMD CPUs only had 3DNOW and no SSE that has proven to be much more popular. Or if Intel didn't add L3 cache to its cpus just because that was already done by AMD and other cpu makers before.


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                      The daisy-chaining of DisplayPort outputs is somewhat interesting too.

                      Now if only there were cheap DP monitors, and that feature prob needs new cables as well.