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AMD FirePro V4800 & FirePro V7800

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  • AMD FirePro V4800 & FirePro V7800

    Phoronix: AMD FirePro V4800 & FirePro V7800

    Last month we reviewed the ATI FirePro V8800, which is the newest ultra high-end workstation graphics card from AMD that is based upon the Evergreen graphics processor found in the consumer-grade Radeon HD 5000 series. We were blown away by the performance of the FirePro V8800 and then we subsequently reviewed the FirePro V3800 and FirePro V5800 when they launched later in the month. The FirePro V3800 was designed for entry-level workstation customers while the V5800 was to fill the mid-range void. For those looking into an entry-to-mid-range or high-end workstation graphics card, today we are completing our look at AMD's Evergreen-based FirePro family with a review of the ATI FirePro V4800 and ATI FirePro V7800.

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    Heh... Take the Unigine benchmarks, draw a line going through the y-coords, extrapolate a V6800... and BAM text-book example of performance scaling.

    As for plotting the MSRPs in the same manner... What warrants the price delta between the V4800 and V5800 for example? Are those benchmarks unrepresentative of actual use?