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Gaming with a Radeon mobility 9700 in 10.04

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  • Gaming with a Radeon mobility 9700 in 10.04

    I have been trying better utilize the Radeon Mobility 9700 GPU in my acer travelmate 3200 laptop. The open source drivers that come with ubuntu work to a degree but 3d performance of these drivers is pitiful. Another issue with these open drivers is that if I turn the desktop effects up to normal the screen artifacts and the system freezes. The newest catalyst drivers found in the repos do not support my card. The latest version that does support my card is 8.9 however these drivers do not support xorg-xserver found in 10.04. I can not get earlier versions of ubuntu to install on this laptop. So my question is there a way to get better performance out of my gpu in 10.04? I was using my Dualshock 3 with the qtsixa app and I would love to play some 3d games but this current problem is preventing me from doing so. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you very much I will check it out.