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ATI Radeon 4670 Vs. nVIDIA GeForce GT 240

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    i use windows 7 not linux ...


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      thanks RealNC ... nw u begin to understand me sory for my confusing words :P coz im realy confused coz of this VGA card

      i will check on ati 5770 price in my country

      thanks again buddy


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        This is a Linux forum. If you post here, people assume you're using Linux too

        Anyway, on Windows, the best choice right now is ATI. The 5770 and 4870 are good cards for their money. The 4870 is an older model but a bit faster than the 5770. Here, they both cost about the same, so personally I would get the 4870. But if you find the 5770 cheaper, then take that one instead.

        If you want an even faster one, there's the 5870, but it's quite expensive.


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          Really man? :O oops! I'm embarrassed now :P
          sorry man i didn't know that it is a Linux forum ... I'm surfing z net about the VGA cards allover the games and computer forums like a crazy dog
          anyway thank u .. i really appreciate.


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            The Radeon 5670 is also a card you can consider to buy. Its about 30% faster than the Radeon 4670 and it is a bit more expensive if you buy a card with 512MB memory instead of 1GB. The memory size (if 1GB or 512MB) doesnt make a huge performance difference in most games. GDDR5 memory is faster than GDDR3, DDR3 or DDR2.

            The Radeon 5750 is faster than the 5670.


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              What about nVIDIA GeForce Cards?
              & who is better ATI Cards Or GeForce cards? as i realy don't know the difference between them


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                If you want to buy a card faster than GeForce 240 GT or Radeon 5670, the radeon cards are a bit faster and consume much less power. In next few month nVIDIA will release their "Fermi" cards which might be better then the radeon 5000 series.

                ATI cards of the radeon 5000 series support DirectX11 the current nVIDIA cards have not support for DirectX11.


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                  @Fenrin ... thnx buddy, but what about performance? which is better radeon or nvidia? coz some ppl says that nvidia got better performance than radeon, also nvidia got physX ... which i realy dont know what does it mean


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                    There is no clear winner. Generally, the current ATI cards are faster, but in some games, it can be that NVidia is faster due to PhysX. Also, NVidia cards that perform as well in the majority of games as the equivalent ATI ones are more expensive.


                    However, future DirectX 11 games will be able to use something like PhysX on ATI cards too, because DX11 provides an equivalent to PhysX that will work on all cards. However, no such games exist yet since DX11 is simply too new.

                    Also, if you want to wait a few months for the new NVidia cards, you should be aware that they will be really expensive.

                    Also, you might want to read this:


                    It pretty much sums it up correctly on what card to buy for a specific price range.


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                      Thanks RealNC .. ur tomsharware link was realy helpful, but z PhysX link, i realy didn't understand anything