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Geforce Gt 220 512 or 1024? (VDPAU)

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  • Geforce Gt 220 512 or 1024? (VDPAU)

    Hi there,
    I'm new here and I've tried to find an answer to my question alone but didn't found anything.
    Actually I'm building a little Media-center which will turn under Ubuntu. I have a P43-UDL3 with E6600, 2Gb of RAM. Now I want to find me a cheap graphic card in order to read Hd (1080p) without problem (VDPAU Vp4).
    I've seen there is two versions of the GT 220 (or gt 240) with 512 or 1024Mo. I wanted to know if there were a big difference between 512/1024 for only playing videos. I don't play any games or maybe a little but nothing more than tetris or Solitaire :-D I just want it cheaaaap ;-)
    Thanks already for the answers!

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    A GeForce 220 with 512MB DDR2 memory is fast enough for playing videos and light gaming.

    The memory size makes only little performance difference in 3D games (especially in less demanding games which can be played with this card). For videoplayback the difference is probably even smaller I guess.


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      If you like a very quiet card you could also buy a passive cooled GeForce 9500. A GeForce is a bit older but almost as fast as a GeForce 220 and a little bit cheaper.

      The FullHD videoplayback on a Radeon HD 4650 512MB with new OpenSource Radeon drivers is also fine btw., you dont need VDPAU for it.


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        Thanks a lot!
        I have found a 1GB for not so much on ebay (It's a sparkle DDR2) But I've heard that these cards were very quiet because of the low heating.
        I will see :-)
        Well I want to use the VDPAU.
        I've tried the new drivers on one old pc (p4 3.2ghz with 1Gb RAM) with a HD3650 AGP. Even if I've update the kernel of my Karmic and make everything like it was explained the result was not good (no 3d acceleration and strange behaviour). I've also a 4570 on my laptop. When Lucid is out I think I won't have to update the kernel to install it, this may solve my problems ;-).
        Thanks again for your feedback.


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          youre welcome

          Under Fedora 12 its probably easier to have 3d acceleration with the radeon drivers than under Ubuntu Karmic. I tested it under Fedora 12, with a Radeon HD 4650, Phenom X2 545, 2GB RAM and the videoplayback is fine, and 3D acceleration is ok.