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problem with ATI Radeon HD5470

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  • problem with ATI Radeon HD5470

    Hi Forum,

    My problem is that the the OS does not recognise the graphics card when booting up.

    Hardware - Acer Aspire 7740G laptop with 17.3" 16:9 HD display and ATI Radeon Mobility HD5470 512 MB graphics adapter.

    OS - Ubuntu 9.10.

    It appears that the graphics card is not correctly detected when booting up. After installing the Karmic Koala, the display was decidedly stretched and a quick check in System/Preferences/Display showed that neither the LCD display nor the graphics card were correctly 'detected'. The picture of the monitor had the word 'UNKNOWN' on it and there were only 3 screen resolutions available. Presumably the system was using some default driver.

    I downloaded the ATI Catalyst Control Centre but it refused to run reporting at every start up - 'no adapter present'.

    So, I downloaded the 10.1 ATI driver package (for a 5700 series display - there was none available for 5400 series) and installed that.

    I then checked in System/ Admin/Hardware drivers and there was the newly installed driver. I told the system to use the new driver and, lo and behold, the screen is displaying correctly - monitor still 'UNKNOWN' but plenty of different resolutions available. However, in the lower RH corner of the display is now an AMD logo with the words 'UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE', being displayed.

    This all, of course, without having run ATIconfig as it also always reports - 'no adapter present'. (Not sure, but I think it uses 'Catalyst Control Centre.)

    I'm quite mystified here as the system cannot identify the (graphics) adapter yet is now running correctly albeit with the AMD 'warning'.

    Admittedly the hardware is very new and I can't find a specific Linux driver for the card but I don't actually see this as a driver problem but an OS problem as the OS must identify hardware first when booting up and only then can the appropriate driver be installed.

    The command 'LSPCI' in Terminal gives.........
    "02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 68e0"

    I'd be very grateful for any info / tips / suggestions on this one.

    Many thanks

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    Seems that the card was not in the lspci database when Ubuntu 9.10 was released. update-pciids may help.

    Regarding the "unsupported hardware" watermark, you can find instructions on how to remove it by using the forum search.


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      Thanks for the reply Chithanh.

      When I run the command 'sudo update-pciids', I get........
      "sudo: unable to resolve host acer"

      Looks like this is the problem - seems rather serious.

      Any solution ?


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        I've got the same issue here on a new 5670, that I got 2 weeks ago.
        I guess the fglrx devs have implemented a better restricting tool for unsupported hardware to make it less usable.

        I hope the Feb catalyst supports these new cards, or so much for same-day Linux support. I can wait anyways since its just in an extra computer and not a replacement card, but I did exppect it to work.