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Radeon HD 4550 with free drivers

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  • Radeon HD 4550 with free drivers

    I'm thinking of purchasing an HD 4550 to replace my ageing Geforce 6600GT. How well do either the radeon or radeonhd drivers work regarding 3D acceleration with this card?

    Also, I am comfortable with compiling weird & wacky drivers, but I'm curious as to how much will be needed with this setup -- I'm running Fedora 12 (with RPM fusion), and appear to have pacakges called "xorg-x11-drv-ati" and "mesa-dri-drivers-experimental".

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    If you are happy when compiz and quake live runs maybe, but do not buy it if you really want to play something more demanding.


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      All I would be using it for would be: running UrbanTerror (quake 3 derivative) at 1680x1050 with high detail.
      And also occasional compiz.


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        Compiz and UrbanTerror (as well as other quake3 based games, such as OpenArena or World of Padman) should work well.

        Also check


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          Is this with radeon drivers or radeonhd? Or should I just try both?
          Also what are they called in Fedora?



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            radeon and radeonhd are DDX drivers, not related to 3D acceleration. That comes through mesa.


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              Oh ok. (I'm coming from a Nvidia-card-owning background here). So which driver should I actually use?


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                pacakges called "xorg-x11-drv-ati" and "mesa-dri-drivers-experimental".
                Yeah, those.


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                  I have a HD 4550 and I'm using the free drivers.

                  Currently, they have OpenGL 2.0 support, partial GLSL support (implemented, but doesn't work on everything) and can run with kernel modesetting/DRI2.

                  Compiz and KWin effects work great, and are stable. I play OpenArena (same ioquake3 engine) in full HD, and it works great and is stable. You will not get 125 fps with this card and free drivers at such resolutions, but it is certainly playable.

                  Many other games work, others do not. Gaming under Wine is supposedly not too great at the moment, and there are many reasons.

                  I recommend getting the bleeding edge stuff, as the progress is very fast. You'll need the latest Mesa, the latest linux kernel, the latest libdrm and the latest DDX drivers (I recommend "radeon").

                  Check the ATI OpenSource forum for more info. I am very happy with the drivers, but I'm not a powergamer. I want basic and stable 3D, and for me, the drivers have been rock solid. I don't remember the last crash or hang.


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                    A BONE STOCK install of F12, do a "yum install mesa-dri-drivers-experimental", and DELETE your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and you'll be good to go.