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Radeon 9200 driver question

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  • Radeon 9200 driver question

    Hi I am new to linux, and have decided to start running ubuntu on one of my computers. I am having a problem with the video driver for my old Radeon 9200 (rv 280) PCI vid card. I started with Ubuntu 9.10 and worked my way down to 8.04 just to be able to do an install on the computer without getting a black screen. I have read that 8.10 will run my card, yet I have no ability to do any of the advanced desktop graphics and continually get the msg that ubuntu cannot recognize my card. I have seen many people that are able to actually get the 9200 card to run on 9.10 . I have read that there are other "in developement " 9200 drivers out there but can't seem to find one that will fully run the card. Which drivers should I be using that will enable me to take advantage of Ubuntu's desktop capabilities.